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The Rotherham Transport Interchange was constructed in the late 1960s and has a multi-storey car park sitting directly above it. In 1995 Norseman Estates Limited bought the whole site from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC), re-developing it with a shopping mall at the main entrance with new shops fronting onto Effingham Street. As part of the scheme, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) signed a 99 year lease agreement with Norseman Estates Limited to maintain and operate the interchange and car park above.

Structural inspections and repairs

Consistent with many similar structures built in the 1960s, the car park’s concrete elements have experienced significant levels of concrete degradation.

Over the past 10 years regular structural inspections have revealed a number of defects in columns, beams and slabs (car park surfacing) and a number of smaller repair schemes have taken place to maintain the car park’s structural integrity and safety of its users.

Access Bridge

In 2012 the main access bridge was replaced with its main structural pier strengthened and whilst the car park was closed, a number of repairs on ramps, critical to internal circulation, were undertaken to enable future car park repairs to be completed whilst maintaining two operational floors. The cost of these works was £1.2m. View images here…

Deterioration of the remainder of the car park has continued and a number of options for repair and re-development of the site have been considered, some of which have been discounted on cost or grounds of practicality. Although planning permission was granted for the refurbishment of the car park on 30 May 2014 two further reviews into the re-development of the site and the Rotherham Town Centre as a whole were undertaken to determine that refurbishment of the site is indeed the most deliverable option.

Scheme design options

A number of options were considered for the interchange as follows:

Option 1 - refurbishment of the car park only,
Option 2 - refurbishment of the car park and interchange below,
Option 3 - demolish the car park and rebuild the interchange and
Option 4 - demolish the entire site and hand it back to Norseman as a development site, moving buses on street.

Following detailed discussions between SYPTE, RMBC, Norseman and the Sheffield City Region (SCR) it was agreed that improvements to the interchange were required, therefore option 1 was rejected.

A costed scheme has been developed for the complete re-building of the interchange on the current site and following discussions with partners, sufficient funding cannot be secured to deliver option 3.

There was a desire to keep buses at a central location and therefore it would not be satisfactory to move all buses on street around the town centre, so option 4 was not progressed.

Therefore, in August 2016 it was agreed to progress with option 2 - comprising structural repairs to the car park and refurbishment of the interchange below and subsequently a design team was created to develop the scheme in greater detail..


The scheme budget is circa £12.5M, however incorporated into the works will be additional repairs/rectification work following the bus fire in May 2016. The value of the works is split approximately 50/50 between car park repairs and the interchange refurbishment.

What is included in the refurbishment?

The proposals aim to provide a more welcoming lighter, brighter and safer environment for our customers and include:

Car park refurbishment

• New cladding comprising a non-flammable expanded metal mesh mounted on a frame, fully covering the exterior of the car park. The mesh is for aesthetic reasons to improve the appearance of the building and to provide edge protection for pedestrians. A metal vehicle restraint system positioned between the external cladding and the cars
• Structural repairs and deck defect repairs which will then be waterproofed to protect the screed. Zinc blocks and corrosion inhibitors will also be installed to pull the corrosion away from the steel re-enforcement and extend the life expectancy of the work. Repairs are designed to last for 20 years before further remedial work and renewal of the waterproofing systems will be required.
• Painting of columns and ceilings to improve the visual appearance of the building and protect these concrete elements.

Visualisations of the external cladding by day and at night

cladding 1 cladding 2

Internal visualisation of the refurbished car park 



• New CCTV
• Refurbished fixtures and fittings
• New ceiling cladding
• Changes to the glazing
• The opening up of Platform ‘C’ with the demolition of the toilets and lockers
• New/extended canopy on Platform ‘C’ (view design options here)
• New/refurbished entrance canopy (view design options here)
• New information provision by way of:
o New Passenger Information Display Screens (PIDs)
o Information hubs (view design options here)
o Improved customer services desk (view design options here)
• New seating and Head of Queue layout (view design options here)

Vehicle fire

On 15 May 2016 a bus fire at Rotherham Interchange caused extensive heat and smoke damage to the structure and fabric of the building including electrical cables, within the roof void. 


Essential remedial repair works were carried out to platform A, the windows, public toilets in the mall, offices and electrical cables affecting the lighting, customer information systems, automatic doors and the passenger lift to enable the building to be accessible to our customers. The Interchange was re-opened to the public within 1 week of the fire, with the exception of stand A6, which remains out of action. Further repair works are subject to an ongoing insurance claim and are being co-ordinated with the refurbishment scheme to ensure value for money.

Public consultation on refurbishment proposals

SYPTE invited customers to take part in a consultation about our proposals for the refurbishment works at Rotherham Interchange between 22 and 26 May 2017. Local elected members, Rotherham Youth Council members, user group members and community and disability group members were also invited to take part electronically although the wider customer consultation was in person at the Interchange.

Views were sought in relation to overall satisfaction with the facilities at the interchange, seating, information and active travel.

A total of 129 responses were received with the 65-74 age group being the highest represented group and 16-24 age group being the lowest represented.

A copy of the Consultation Topline Report can be found here.


Bus stopping arrangements from April 2018

Rotherham Forge Island Temporary Bus Interchange

Subject to planning approval (submitted Monday 4 December 2017), bus services will cease to use the current interchange from April 2018 and will move to a temporary bus station on Forge Island (the old Tesco site) for approximately one year whilst Rotherham Interchange is closed for the refurbishment works. This facility will be named ‘Rotherham Forge Island’. 

Here is the design for the temporary Rotherham Forge Island interchange, which will provide 12 stands and a covered waiting area for passengers.

Corporation Street and Market Place on-street bus stops

As Rotherham Forge Island is smaller than the current Interchange some services will use new bus stands and shelters located on Corporation Street and Market Place. 

Here are the changes required to Corporation Street in order to accommodate these bus services.

The central location of the footbridge between Forge Island and these stops minimises walking distances for those customers requiring to change services.

We are still discussing changes with the operators but early in the new year, subject to planning approval, we will be able to communicate the proposed changes to services so that customers are aware of which services will use Rotherham Forge Island and which will utilise Corporation Street and Market Place temporary facilities.

What facilities are available for passengers at Rotherham Forge Island?

Whilst customer satisfaction is a priority this has to be balanced between the short term benefits for 12 months and the longer term benefits of making best use of available budget on the Interchange refurbishment. Every pound spent on the temporary Forge Island Interchange will reduce the available funding for the permanent improvements at Rotherham Interchange.

Passengers will be provided with a Passenger Information Display (PID) screen, a sheltered waiting area with 12 bus stands and seating at each stand. There will also be a customer service desk with a member of staff available. The facility will be well lit and secured at night.

Printed timetables will be provided at each stand but real-time information screens may not be possible as the current units are not suitable for a temporary bus station.

We will not be providing customer toilet facilities at the temporary Forge Island site. However, the existing toilets at Rotherham Interchange will remain available throughout the works and will provide a more comfortable and accessible facility than anything that could be provided at the temporary site.

Rotherham Interchange refurbishment and car park repair press releases 

- Public views sought on plans for Rotherham Interchange 18 May 2017  

- Plans submitted for Rotherham Interchange refurbishment

- Building work to start on temporary Rotherham Bus Interchange

- Rotherham Interchange refurbishment works due to start on 30 April

- Rotherham Interchange - three months on


Planning application for the refurbishment of Rotherham Interchange


Planning application No. RB2017/1401

Images of previous works and proposals for the refurbishment scheme

Typical car park defects
2012 bridge replacements and local internal repairs
Proposed ground floor plan
Platform ‘C’ canopy options
Entrance canopy proposals
Information hub proposals
Customer services desk proposals
Head of Queue proposals



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