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About the project

South Yorkshire’s Tram Train pilot will help the rail industry understand and assess the technical issues involved with planning and operating a Tram Train service. It will be the first time a Tram Train system has operated in the UK.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) was awarded £58 million from the Department for Transport to undertake the two-year pilot, with project partners Network Rail, Northern Rail and Stagecoach Supertram. Learning gained from the pilot will help determine whether Tram Trains can run in other parts of the country.

The Tram Train pilot is unique because it links heavy and light rail infrastructure, systems and operations together to provide a new transport service between Sheffield and Rotherham. The vehicles are designed to run on both the Stagecoach Supertram system and the national rail network.

The Tram Train service will provide better connections between Rotherham and Sheffield and aims to reinvigorate the local economy. It is hoped Tram Trains will benefit the environment, by providing an alternative transport option to the car. The project will also create 35 local jobs.

Construction work

Comprehensive design and engineering works are needed to adapt the rail network to allow Tram Train vehicles to run. Work to prepare for the Tram Train service includes:

- Electrification of the rail line from Meadowhall South to Rotherham Central Station and Rotherham Parkgate tramway to the train tracks
- Construction of a 400 metre rail line (called the Tinsley Chord) to link the tramway to the train tracks
- Two new tram stops at Meadowhall South and at Rotherham Parkgate
- Extended rail platforms at Rotherham Central Station
- Rail replacement engineering work to the Stagecoach Supertram network
- Modifications to the Stagecoach Supertram depot to accommodate Tram Trains
- The manufacture of seven Tram Train vehicles by Vossloh in Spain

Tram Train services

Tram Train passenger services will commence in 2017. The pilot will run for two years with a view to permanent operation.

Three Tram Train services are expected to operate per hour. Tram Trains will run on the national rail network from Rotherham Parkgate Retail Park via Rotherham Central Station. They will join the existing Stagecoach Supertram network at Meadowhall South and continue to Sheffield city centre. Tickets will be fully integrated with Stagecoach Supertram.

The first Tram Train vehicle will arrive in the UK in September 2015. After the vehicles have been tested, Tram Trains will operate on the existing Stagecoach Supertram network before October 2016 to enhance capacity during peak times. Tram Train passenger services will start running on the rail network to Rotherham in 2017.

Latest news

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For more information about the Tram Train pilot call the SYPTE communications team on 0114 221 1443 or email