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Rotherham business benefits from Eco-Driving Scheme


12 February 2014


A Rotherham training business has become the first in South Yorkshire to lower emissions and improve driver safety thanks to a new government-backed scheme.

Private training company, Prospect Training Limited, signed up to the free Eco-Business Driving scheme, which is part of the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme, in October 2013 in a bid to reduce their vehicle fuel and maintenance costs, as well as general wear and tear and collision rates through driver training and organisational support.

Their participation in the scheme comes as research shows between 25% and 33% of road accidents involve someone who was driving for work, and by driving smarter the average UK driver could save between £300 and £350 each year*. The true financial costs of road accidents to organisations are nearly always higher than the resulting insurance claims.

Tom Proctor, Prospect Training Limited’s Business Development Manager, said “there has never been a better time for our business to benefit from learning to drive more efficiently. Eco-Business Driving helped us to develop our health and safety policies and we’ve implemented various control measures to improve our procedures. Our company has benefited from fuel cost savings and our employees have also seen a difference by adopting the driving techniques...The best part is that the scheme is completely free.”

Ten drivers from Prospect Training Ltd participated in a one hour classroom session, followed by two hour in-car group driving lessons where they were taught techniques to drive more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption.

Mike Stanley, Sheffield City Council’s Senior Road Safety Officer, said: “Businesses have a duty of care to their staff to make sure they have enough time to reasonably get to appointments, have sufficient stop breaks and are not discussing business on the phone while driving. They must remember that they are liable under the Corporate Manslaughter Act if their policies are not up to standard.

“We provide dedicated support to businesses by assigning a specialist advisor who will develop a tailored Eco-Safe plan. This plan helps businesses to develop policies and practices to minimise costs and maximise safety whilst driving for work.”

The Eco-Business Driving scheme is delivered by Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and eDriving Solutions Ltd on behalf of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and aims to provide training for up to 100 companies and 4,000 drivers across the region.

The scheme is available to businesses across South Yorkshire through the Inmotion! project which aims to make the journey to work simpler, easier or even healthier.

Inmotion! can also help local businesses to benefit from cycle to work schemes, electric car schemes, walk to work advice and by providing free bus travel for up to a month for employees that usually drive.

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