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Passenger satisfaction shows big rise in South Yorkshire


01 October 2013


Passenger satisfaction with public transport in South Yorkshire has seen a marked increase over the past year, according to new figures.

Across the county tram, bus and rail users all said they were happier with the service than 12 months before.

And people are much happier with the electronic travel tools and information at bus stops and interchanges.

Bus users who say they are satisfied with the service provided have risen by 7% to 63%, whilst on most measures of bus performance there was also a rise on last year.

Satisfaction with frequency has gone up 5% to 64% and those able to get a seat when they get on a bus has risen 6% to 83%.

SYPTE carries out regular surveys of passengers to find out what passengers think about the service they are getting. The recent marked rise across a range of indicators comes as the Sheffield Bus Partnership has made big changes to ticketing, introduced newer buses and improved punctuality, and Partnership discussions are underway in other Districts too.

The satisfaction survey was sent to 6,000 households in South Yorkshire.

David Young, SYPTE Deputy Interim Director General, said: “These figures show that the improvements we are making to the network in the county are making a real difference to the quality of people’s journey.

“Across a whole range of measures, from the speed of journey to the quality of information and the helpfulness of the driver passengers are telling us that they are noticing a real improvement. That is really good news and something we will look to continue and build upon.”