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SYPTE launches Braille travel guides


10 April 2013


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) has launched unique guides containing Braille text to help people with visual impairments make the most of local interchanges.


The portable guides, developed by Sheffield-based company TacMap, are produced on special raised-detail paper and are designed to help users understand the layout of a building before or during a visit.


They highlight essential facilities such as bus stands, entrances and exits, toilets and cash machines, as well as making users aware of the location of obstacles such as stairs and escalators.


SYPTE has worked with the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB) to develop the guides, which are available on a trial basis from the Customer Service Desk in Sheffield Pond Street and Meadowhall interchanges, as well as at SRSB. They can be borrowed free of charge at the interchanges or bought directly from TacMap.


SYPTE Director of Customer Experience, David Young, said: "We are committed to making our transport facilities as accessible as possible, which is why we have worked closely with SRSB to become the first PTE in the country to make this kind of information available in interchanges.


"We want to make our interchanges a place that blind and visually impaired people can visit independently and with confidence.


"We pride ourselves on listening carefully to what the customer wants and work closely with local partners to develop and deliver key strategic priorities to improve the transport network of the Sheffield City Region."


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