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BRT bid documents

The BRT Northern Route project team submitted an application for Full Approval from the Department of Transport in September 2013.

Copies of the project bid documents are available below:

 Full Approval Form

 Annex 1 - Revised TEE , ACMB, and Public Accounts Tables
 Annex 2 - Social and Distributional Impact
 Annex 3 - Detailed Cost Estimate
 Annex 4 - Quantified Risk Assessment
 Annex 5 - Evaluation Plan
 Annex 6 - Project Plan (Programme)
 Annex 7 - Project Risk Register
 Annex 8 - Project Assurance Recommendations
 Annex 9 - Benefit Realisation Plan
 Annex 10 - Stakeholder Analysis Plan
 Annex 11 - BRT Communication Plan


Prior to the Full Approval stage, the project team previously submitted a Best and Final Bid to Department for Transport, in 2011. The documents comprising this bid can be found below: 
 BRT Northern Route
 BRT Northern Route Supporting Information
 BRT Northern Route Value for Money Summary Annex
 BRT Volume 2 Appendices to the Supporting Information


 Appendix A - BRT Northern Route Strategic Case

 Appendix B1 – Modelling Checklist

 Appendix B2 - AST Worksheet

 Appendix B2 - TEE Table

 Appendix B3 - Saturn Model Development Report

 Appendix B4 – Highway LMVR for BRT Northern Route

 Appendix B5 – PT Model Validation

 Appendix B6 - PT Model for BRT

 Appendix B7 - Demand model matrices

 Appendix B8 - Demand model development report

 Appendix B9 - Demand model demonstration forecasts

 Appendix B10 - Stated Preference Survey Report

 Appendix B11 - Data Collection Report

 Appendix B12 - Forecasting Report

 Appendix B13 - DfT Response Notes - from MSBC

 Appendix B14 - Highway Reliability Methodology

 Appendix B15 – Approach and Assumptions for Economic Appraisal

 Appendix B16 - BRT Patronage Graphs

 Appendix B17 - Traffic Flow Plots

 Appendix B18 - COBA Link Types

 Appendix B21 – Analysis of TUBA Warnings

 Appendix B22 - Sectoral Analysis of Benefits

 Appendix B24 - Delays during Construction and Maintenance

 Appendix B25 - Social and Distributional Impact Assessment (SDIA)

 Appendix B26 – The Run Time Model

 Appendix B27 - Weekend and off-peak benefits

 Appendix B28 – Specific Modelling Queries

 Appendix C - BRT Northern Route Management Case

 Appendix D - BRT Procurement Appraisal Scoring Tables

 Appendix E - BRT Financial Case