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Who we are

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is the driving force behind the development of public transport in South Yorkshire.

We are accountable to Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee which is made up of nominated elected members from the local authorities of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, North East Derbyshire, Derbyshire Dales, Bolsover, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield.

You can read more about the role of Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and SYPTE policy decisions taken at meetings of the Combined Authority Transport Committee on the Joint Authorities Governance Unit website 


Our role

SYPTE is a professional, focussed and efficient organisation that takes the lead to develop the region’s transport network through targeted, value for money investment and services. We:

  • have a unique role in planning for South Yorkshire’s future transport network by identifying, developing and delivering key strategic priorities at a sub-regional and national level
  • secure funding for South Yorkshire’s key transport priorities to enable investment where the need is identified 
  • address customer requirements to deliver successful, efficient and value for money solutions
  • have strong working relationships with local, sub-regional and national partners, delivering innovative and pioneering projects that test the boundaries and deliver results
  • listen to customers to understand and respond to their needs


What we do

Our role is to encourage the maximum use of public transport throughout South Yorkshire and to promote growth of the public transport network. We work closely with transport service operators, local councils and other key stakeholders to develop the network and services across the county.

Although SYPTE does not run any transport services directly, it purchases rail and some bus services from private operators. It also provides region-wide information, manages the funding and administration of concessionary fares, provides bus stops and shelters, and operates interchanges throughout the region.

SYPTE's primary goals are to provide:

  • a realistic alternative to the car that will encourage a shift in people's mode of travel
  • quality transport for those without the use of a car to enable them to access jobs, education, shops, healthcare and other facilities; and
  • good public transport services linking businesses to employees and customers.

SYPTE also:

  • subsidises socially necessary local bus services that cannot be provided commercially
  • specifies, pays for, develops and monitors local rail services
  • administers and funds a comprehensive concessionary fare scheme
  • promotes equal access to public transport for all
  • co-ordinates and promotes activities to achieve better integrated public transport services
  • provides travel information
  • administers prepaid ticket schemes; and
  • plans future investment in transport infrastructure and services.


Our Values

Below are our Values, which as an organisation we strive to achieve on a daily basis. We actively encourage all employees to work to these Values to maintain an effective working environment and relationships whilst delivering our service.

Integrity and Respect

  • We are respectful of others and foster an environment where openness, trust and respect are the norm.
  • We actively manage risks, act responsibly, honestly and within ethical and professional principles.


  • We encourage employees to work collaboratively and communicate openly across departments, hierarchy and functions. We constantly strive to break down any barriers.
  • Our employees are supportive of each other and we actively seek partnership with our customers and stakeholders.

Achieving and Challenging

  • We strive to achieve excellence through continuous development and improvement. We foster a positive, enjoyable work environment, in which individuals can contribute and develop to the maximum of their potential.
  • In order to ensure development, we will challenge assumptions, set practices and behaviours.
  • We take pride in finding ways to consistently meet or exceed our objectives and as such, welcome and encourage change.

Customer and Stakeholder Driven

  • Our results are only as valuable as the benefits they bring to our customers and stakeholders.



View SYPTE's Commitment to Equality here. 


 Annual audit

Every year SYPTE undergoes an external audit by our auditors, KPMG. Read the 2017/18 Audit



Travel South Yorkshire

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Our Vision 2011/26

"Working together to keep people and commerce moving effectively to enable economic growth, and enhance the region’s environment, health and wellbeing."