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2754 (Tender) Rotherham Interchange Refurbishment





South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced provider of the above Services


The Rotherham Transport Interchange has a multi-storey car park sitting directly above it, which was constructed in the late 1960s.  In 1995 a developer bought the whole site from RMBC, re-developing it with a shopping mall at the main entrance and new shops fronting onto Effingham Street.  To facilitate the wider proposals, SYPTE agreed to take a 99 year lease of the Interchange site which gives SYPTE the obligation to maintain and operate the Interchange and car park above.  Consistent with many similar structures built in the 1960s, the car park's concrete elements have experienced significant levels of concrete degradation.  This degradation continues at an increasing rate.

Over the past 10 years regular structural inspections of the car park have revealed a number of defects in columns, beams and slabs and a number of smaller repair schemes have taken place to maintain the car park's structural integrity.  In 2012 the main access bridge was replaced, its main structural pier strengthened, and whilst the car park was closed, a number of repairs on ramps critical to internal circulation were undertaken to enable future car park repairs to be completed whilst maintaining two operational floors.

Deterioration of the remainder of the car park has continued and a number of options for repair and re-development of the site have been considered.  Planning permission was granted for the refurbishment/repair of the car park on 30 May 2014. Subsequently a number of alternative development schemes have been considered and a preferred option of refurbishing both the car park and interchange below has been chosen to be taken forward.

During the intervening period, a bus fire on stand A6 in May 2016 which caused extensive heat and smoke damage to the structure and fabric of the building and with the exception of immediate repairs to get the bus station operational, fire damage repair works have been included within the refurbishment scope.


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is therefore seeking to appoint a suitably experienced contractor to carry out the refurbishment of Rotherham Transport Interchange comprising the Bus Station and Multi-Storey Car Park above.  The contract has an estimated value of £11.5m.


The Car Park works will involve soffit tie repairs, deck repairs, concrete repairs to structural beams and columns and waterproofing.  In addition, the works will include the replacement of vehicle restraint barriers; replacement of the external cladding and edging panels; replacement of fire damaged floor planks; installation of roof-top canopies; refurbishment of the surface water drainage system; upgrading the internal lighting; replacement of emergency lighting, fire detection and alarm systems; replacement of lightning protection system; improvements to the internal finishes; new signage; installation of photovoltaic panels at roof level; refurbishment of stair towers; reconfiguration of the bay markings and redecoration.


The Bus Station works will comprise the refurbishment of terrazzo plinths; replacement floor finishes; cleaning of wall and replacement of ceiling cladding; replacement of internal seating; refreshment of pedestrian entrances; in information hubs and customer service desk; demolition of platform C toilets; repair of platform C canopy; New head of queues, signage and information screens; cleaning fire damage; drainage; electrical works; replacement of air handling units; replacement of lighting; replacement of emergency lighting, and fire detection systems; new PA, audio impairment and Wifi systems; renewal of CCTV installations; upgrading existing building management system; replacement of fixed ANPR and people counters; repairs to existing bus runways


Suitably qualified persons wishing to be considered for shortlisting for this tender can obtain a Specification, Supplier Selection Questionnaire and Instructions Sheet by clicking on the Apply button below.


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The deadline for the return of Supplier Selection Questionnaires together with any supporting documentation is 12.00 on 15th December 2017.  The Instruction Sheet sets out the process for submission of documentation.

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